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Aromatherapy Balm Trio Gift Set

Aromatherapy Balm Trio Gift Set

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Love essential oils? You'll adore our aromatherapy balms! Say goodbye to messy oils and hello to convenient balms, perfect for lips, forehead, temples, nose, chest, or wherever you need a boost. And now, all three scents come in a gift set - no choosing necessary! Clementine for energy, Aurora for sleep, and Serenity for headaches, stress, and congestion. These popular balms are the ultimate gift!

  • Grapefruit Citrus Clementine with help you feel refreshed and energized.
  • Menthol Eucalyptus Vapor Serenity Balm will help clear your sinuses and headaches, relieve stress, feel refreshed, and calm nausea.
  • Made with organic lavender and rosemary, this balm is perfect for relaxing your mind and body before bedtime.
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